Support Our Work

Theatre Témoin is a registered charity. We’ve been fortunate to receive grant funding from a range of organisations and individuals to support our work over the years.

We are passionate about creating excellent work that tours to the nation’s top festivals and venues, but also beyond traditional theatre spaces to hostels, shelters, recovery colleges, churches, community centres, refugee centres, youth clubs, NHS mental health units, social welfare NGOs, universities, and military bases, among others.

This deep-tissue engagement work and touring requires extra resource and support, and every donation–big and small–helps us to continue to work “outside the blackbox” and create theatre with and for our nation’s diverse communities.

If you’d like to discuss sponsorship opportunities or you’re thinking about making a larger contribution, then please contact Fiona Mason +44 (0)560 386 6134 or by email at

An enormous thank you to all of our past individual donors, as well as these organisational funders and supporters: