Routes – Bedford

In July 2018, we were commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts, Music In Detention, and The Higgins Museum Bedford, with support from The Harper Trust, to work with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other groups in Bedford to run a series of workshops that lead to the creation of a new puppet.

Over the course of 4 months, we worked closely with our commissioners in Bedford to devise a series of workshops to be delivered to locals, and from these developed the character for a new audio piece and puppet for a character called Asma, who was showcased at Bedford’s Bedpop Fun Palaces in October 2018.

Asma will now become a part of ‘Routes’ and will be one of the four characters in the story.

Routes – Bedford was run by Hannah Tookey and Michelle Madsen with puppetry design and build by Peter Morton and with workshop and design support by Olivia Altaras and Robyn Olivia.