Workshops and Masterclasses

“This was one of the most exciting and challenging events we sponsored this year. Our students were inspired and enthralled. We would bring them back in a heartbeat!

Nora Hussey (Chair, Theatre Studies, Wellesley College)


Photo Credit: Chris Webb


Skills Development for Professionals, Community Groups, and Schools

Theatre Témoin has a dedicated education programme of workshops, masterclasses and lab sessions. The company aims to give students and emerging theatre practitioners the tool kit they need to incorporate physical theatre skills into their work and the encouragement to create their own devised theatre. In 2019 we will also be touring Feed to select schools and universities, and collaborating with select migrant and refugee groups in creating Routes. To speak about booking a production or workshop for your organisation, write to

Featured Workshops in 2020/2021:



Students learn the basic techniques of a range of puppetry disciplines as well as how to create through exploration, experimentation and play.  We have a limited number of large-scale outdoor puppetry workshops which we can offer for free for organisations and groups working with refugees.



Creating collaborative, devised work can be a daunting task. Theatre Témoin helps students to develop their own toolkit of techniques, games and strategies to work together to find the story they want to tell and the way to tell it, with an emphasis on the visual and the physical.



In this “total-body” theatre workout, students learn the fundamental principles of masked body performance exploring comedic half-mask, tragic expressive mask, and the absolute presence of neutral mask; learning techniques of masked body and voice, and decomposition of movement.

Other Ongoing Workshops

Physical Theatre

What does a rubber band have to teach us about Hamlet’s soliloquies? Can we create a melodrama by observing an egg frying? Or write a comedy based upon the way a crumpled piece of paper expands? What IS physical theatre, anyways? This workshops will address all of these questions…and more.


Build your own masks from scratch! All of our masks are made from paper mache, flour, and gesso… you probably already have most of the materials you need to build a professional-looking mask, just sitting in your house. This workshop will teach you how.

Puppet Building

Using simple materials (objects, paper, and foam) you’ll be building own puppets from scratch – from concept and design to construction. We’ll end with a celebratory parade of short performances from our newly created masterpieces!

Improvisational Comedy

Be funny NOW! (no pressure). What is more exhilarating than getting on stage and having no clue what you’re going to say next? We don’t know either, that’s why we love it. You will too, especially once we’ve loaded you down with tricks and techniques to stay open, alert, and hilariously random.

The Inner Clown

We’ve got so many “inner” inhabitants – our inner child, our inner thoughts, our inner demons…so it’s no surprise, I guess, that we’ve all got inner clowns too! Donning the sacred “red nose,” we’ll be exploring our own personal imbalances and learning how to use them to make other people happy.


Ever spun a tale? Or told a yarn? Using folk and fairy tales from around the world, we’ll look at what a story is and how to tell it in your own style, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Unarmed Stage Combat

For anyone who dreams of being the next Jackie Chan, or just really likes the idea of convincingly getting pounded on stage, this workshop will teach you how to kick, jab, slap, punch, knee, shove, and throw one another….safely, of course!

Quick! Change!

Ever had one of those days where you just wanted to hide from yourself? How about chase yourself? Or marry yourself? Or hold yourself up in a stick-up? All of this is possible in the zany world of quickchange, where 2 to 3 actors can play up to 9 different characters. We’ll go over body, voice, writing, set-manipulation, and costuming techniques in this fast-paced and hilarious workshop.

Body and Object Percussion

In the tradition of Stomp, we’ll show you how to use your hands, feet, knees, chest, and ordinary everyday objects to create an organized storm of movement and sound. Once you get going, you won’t be able to stop click-snap-clap-thumping to the beat!


Learn one of the oldest forms of entertainment (that also builds concentration, listening and co-ordination – and is great fun): juggling! Learn how to juggle with 1, 2 and 3 objects, do some tricks and then put it all together in your own sequence.