Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

At Témoin, we have an engagement-centred approach to devising. We work with community partners and consultants at every stage of the devising process because we believe passionately in telling un-told or undertold stories from a well-researched and nuanced perspective.  Our community partners help us in a number of ways, from feeding back during work-in-progress showings and feedback workshops, to working alongside us as paid consultants in the rehearsal room.

We have a wide network of past collaborators and we are passionate about serving as a platform for cross-pollination and shared learning across sectors.  Some of our previous partners include: Military – MOD, Royal British Legion; Homeless sector – St. Mungo’s, Cardboard Citizens, Pathway, and others; Mental Health Service – MIND, NHS Trusts, Royal Society for Public Health; Academia – Wolfson Institute for Preventative Medicine, various academic programmes in Psychology, Psychiatry, Theatre, and Theatre in Mental Health; Technology – Tactical Tech; Global / Conflict – Amnesty International, Warchild, Beirut DC, UNICEF, Clown Me In, Clowns Without Borders, Never Again Rwanda, Beit Halochem, Combatants for Peace.

If you think you or your group could help us with any of the pieces that are being developed or toured now, contact Ailin Conant:

Redevelopment and Touring : Feed

We’ve developed Feed – our piece on social media and the attention economy – in consultation with Young People aged 14-25 from The Lowry Young Company, StageDoor Learning, Ovalhouse Young Associates, Roundhouse Young Poets, New Horizons Youth Centre, and several schools throughout the UK.  In the next stage we will be redeveloping the piece in conversation with Young People and touring in 2019 alongside a programme of digital literacy workshops.

In Development: Routes

In 2019 we will continue to develop and premiere Routes, our piece on home and belonging, with British, refugee, and migrant communities throughout the UK.  Groups we are working with include Bedford Music in Detention, Young Roots, Creating Ground, A Band of Brothers, and Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre.