ThreeWeeks Brighton Review

Online link for Three Weeks Brighton 2010 is no longer live. Below is the original text by Alex Brown. Contact Three Weeks directly with questions or to request an official archived copy.

Nobody’s Home

Grafted Cede / Theatre Temoin

In this gem a fringe show the age old tale of Odysseus’ epic voyage to reach home is reworked as a soldier’s struggle to find his former self and settle back at home with his wife. Grant’s unstable mental state is rendered with genuine theatrical flair and ingenuity in and around a bathtub through which monsters appear and disappear as if by magic. Will Pinchin really impresses as Grant and fantastically versatile Dorie Kinnear plays his wife and the many nightmarish creatures he encounters. Highly physical, inventive and engaging, this is exciting new work with a strong central concept that takes mythic inspiration to explore post traumatic stress syndrome to great effect. Director Ailin Conant is definitely one to watch.

Upstairs at 3 and 10, 14-19 May (not 17)3pm and 8.30pm, £9.50/£7.50,fpp28

tw rating 5/5