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“Theatre Temoin have certainly shown me not just one of the most interesting, beguiling and bizarre plays I’ve seen at the Fringe but it may actually be one of the best plays that I have ever seen in my life!”
Radio Summerhall

“An excellent show…creative, innovative, well-performed and directed, a complete show that entertains and informs!”
~ FringeReview – Highly Recommended

“Thrilling. Theatre Témoin knows how to push limits.”The Upcoming ★★★★★

“Toys with the audience, turning them into incidental witnesses and accomplices in what could essentially be a live episode of Black Mirror.”
Broadway Baby ★★★★★

“This extraordinary production melds expert sound with a nuanced and genuine storyline.”
The Reviews Hub ★★★★½

“Feed is an innovative, disturbing, sharply relevant piece that implicates viewers in the content they watch. “
The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★

“Ingenious… unflinching… Prepare to be uncomfortable.”
~ The Wee Review ★★★★

“A witty script that lets loose some powerful punches along the way. Be prepared for the unexpected.” 
~ British Theatre Guide ★★★★

“A compelling and timely play…a thought provoking and clever piece of theatre…” ~ Lisa Williams 
~ The Mumble ★★★★

“Bizarre and discomforting yet hilarious. Feed will take you to places that make you lose all sense of reality.”
Voice Magazine ★★★★

“Today’s society operates largely on an ‘attention economy’ born of digital over-exposure and emotional desensitisation…Feed brings it home in a way that is visceral and affecting. ”
~ Theatre Box Blog ★★★★

“This is a terrific production, inventive and controversial.”
~ Kryztoff ★★★★

The Marked

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“Teeters between a gorgeous wonderland and a stark, waking nightmare.”

“The production’s strength is in the powerful visual world it creates.”
~ Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman ★★★★

“Theatre Temoin have done something special here. Their fantastical mask-and-puppet-theatre brings the metaphorical demons of alcoholism to blood-curdling life in a show that doesn’t flinch from the horrors of addiction and its consequences, yet allows light and magic to shine in. It leaves one horrified yet positive. It’s powerful stuff.”
~ TV Bomb ★★★★★

“A rollercoaster ride that pulls no punches.”
~ British Theatre Guide ★★★★★

“Brought to life with care, honesty and sensitivity…Magical.”
~ Three Weeks ★★★★★

~ EdFringeReview ★★★★★

“As visually stunning as it is deeply harrowing.”
~ The Student Newspaper ★★★★★

“Dark and engaging.”
~ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine ★★★★

“Stunning and unique.”
~ Edinburgh49 ★★★★

“I was utterly transfixed…a captivating production”
~ The Peg Review ★★★★

The Fantasist

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“Incredible stagework that will blow you away with its extraordinary use of mime, original music and puppetry. A gripping, imaginative, dark tale…you cannot afford to miss.”
~ Alison Thomson, The Sunday Times

“What the show does so well via the puppetry is to get you right inside Louise’s mind and make you understand both the confusion and yet also the terrible glittering lure of a world of bright lights and butterflies.”
~ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Edinburgh highlight…An encouraging sign [for UK puppetry].”
~ Peter Glanville, The Guardian

“Theatre Témoin sensitively and inventively explores the thorny issue of bipolar disorder…Ingenious stagecraft.”
~ Metro ★★★★

“The Fantasist grips the audience from the off in a way rarely seen and this hold is only tightened over the hour.”
~ Rebecca Paul, The Skinny ★★★★★

“Enchanting, endearing and wholly entertaining, this clever show is a must-see for your diaries at this year’s fringe.”
~ Adele Monk, ScotsGay ★★★★★

“The Fantasist is a hilarious, beautiful and utterly astonishing exploration of bipolar disorder.”
~ Alex Eades, Edinburgh Guide ★★★★★

“Astonishingly powerful…If you ever needed proof that puppet shows are a genre that deserve to be taken seriously by adult audiences, then come and view this production.”
~ Josey De Rossi, Fringe Review ★★★★★

“An example of what astonishing things can actually fit into such tight theatrical spaces…raw genius.”
~ Kelly Crocker, The Public Reviews ★★★★★

“Rarely have I seen a play that so deftly switched between beauty, joy, terror and despair.”
~ Simon Plotkin, The Latest ★★★★★

“The Fantasist is the theatrical equivalent to a full blown vision.”
~ Melissa Rynn, Stage Won ★★★★★

Nobody’s Home

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“Ingenious and grotesque…this review can’t do coherent justice to this astounding and moving play.”
~ Kirsty MacSween, Three Weeks – Edinburgh ★★★★★

“Masterpiece…The audience spontaneously laughed, gasped and burst into tears in equal measure.”
~ Ben Blythe, Broadway Baby ★★★★★

“A hugely inventive and compelling piece, which both entertains and shows the true horrors of war.”
~ Thom Dibdin, The Stage

“Far more than an updated version of an old tale…moving and profound.”
~ Bill Parslow, Total Theatre (Brighton, UK)

“Highly physical, inventive and engaging, this is exciting new work with a strong central concept that takes mythic inspiration to explore post traumatic stress to great effect.”
~ Alex Brown, Three Weeks – Brighton ★★★★★ (Brighton, UK)

“Breathtaking…Great imagination…Magical…Touching and deep.”
~ Fleur Poad, Fringe Report (Brighton, UK)

“An emotional roller coaster ride…impressive…What made the play so im­portant was its relevance…truly striking.”
~Cambria Litsey, The Colgate Maroon-News (NY, USA)

Run, don’t walk, to see this life affirming journey.”
~ Matt Malloy, Hollywood Actor (USA)


“A compelling piece of total theatre that weaves testimony, storytelling, physical theatre and poetry into an opaque but thought-provoking exploration of redemption…A powerful ensemble…Fearless performances”
~ Honour Bayes, Time Out London ★★★★

“Moving drama…An ambitious script – where not a word is wasted…mesmerising physicality.”
~ Lauren Paxman, The Stage

“The play’s sharp exchanges are bolstered by Temoin’s trademark blend of dance and physical theatre, which is by turns comic and jolting…This is a powerful piece of theatre.”
~ Robert Cumber, The Fulham Chronicle ★★★★

“Beautiful…A passionate study of male relationships and guilt.”
~ Fozia Bashir, The Camden New Journal

“Enlightening and shocking…Powerful dialogue, high-quality acting, and a proximity to simple staging combine to provide an intense, thought-provoking experience. Well recommended.”
~ Emma Norris, The Psycologist


“Thoughtful and moving…The physicality of each character in every scene has clearly been given a huge amount of consideration…the soundscapes capture the changes in mood and scene perfectly…excellent performances and understated moments of pathos.”

~ Amy Yorston, British Theatre Guide (London, UK)

“An exquisite storytelling piece…simply enchanting…Combining the evocative language of music, the use of masks, dance and contemporary theatre, this young company creates an intense and vibrant show, able to captivate audiences of all ages and nationalities.”

~ Giulia D’Amico, Remotegoat ★★★★★ (London, UK)

“An action-packed journey…a remarkable production…an excellent example of true international cooperation.”

~ Vanessa Villalobos, Japanese London (London, UK)