Ailin Conant (Artistic Director) is a Japanese-American director with a passion for daring new works of theatre that engage audiences with untold and under-told stories in a visual, visceral way. She has worked freelance for various companies including The Bush Theatre (UK), Theatre503 (UK), Ayyam Al-Masrah (Gaza), Clown Me In (Mexico), Kansas City Rep (USA), The Catalyst (Switzerland), Satellite Théâtre (Montreal), The Playhouse (Northern Ireland), and has produced work through Theatre Témoin in Rwanda, Israel, Kashmir, Lebanon, France, and the USA.  She enjoys working with young artists and has directed showcase work for East 15, Italia Conti, and Fourth Monkey; and outreach work for The Old Vic Theatre and The Young Vic Theatre. Ailin is a board member of SDUK, a delegate member of ADF, and also works freelance as a movement director, fight director, and dramaturg.
Fiona Mason (Executive Producer) is a writer, arts consultant, creative coach and mentor. She brings nearly 3-decades of producing, management, fundraising and strategic planning to her role with Theatre Témoin. She loves supporting artists and organisations to realise their ambitions and has enjoyed working with the Royal Opera House, New Wolsey Theatre, Watford Palace Theatre, Lakeside Theatre, Tilted Productions, DanceEast, Colchester Arts Centre, Darren Johnston, Pacitti Company, Adriano Adewale and many more. When not helping others towards their goals, she focusses on her passions, writing and teaching creative writing, and she co-founded writing development organisation Word After Word with fiction writer Andrew L Reynolds.  
Adam McGuigan (Associate Director) led on engagement for “Routes” and is directing “Flood”.  Adam is also Artistic Director at ‘Wake The Beast’ a company working with MacMillan and the NHS Whittington Hospital on ‘The C Factor’ a creative series of storytelling sessions for people dealing with a cancer diagnosis;  Former Artistic Director at SpareParts Festival, the UK’s only Arts Festival dedicated to transport, travel and motion; and Founding Artistic Director of Barefeet Theatre Zambia, which won an international reputation for large scale site specific work, international collaboration, extraordinary community participation and festivals which work with thousands of young people living on the streets, with a disability or young people from a refugee background. Adam has also worked extensively as a director and participation lead at Hope Street Ltd., Liverpool, and Contact Theatre, Manchester.
Abbie Willcox (Participation Producer) is Participation Producer for Témoin and Youth Arts Manager at The Lowry. Abbie is responsible for producing award-winning work with young people and managing flagship partnerships with National Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and Royal Shakespeare Company. Abbie has worked extensively across the North West to provide young people with access to creative opportunities and has demonstrable experience devising new work through socially engaged practice.
Gemma Grand (Administrator) is a freelance creative administration manager. She joins the Theatre Témoin team whilst continuing with her project work and alongside her embroidery business, GG is a Stitch.
Trustees:Gary Window, Jasmine Cullingford, Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards, Pete Williams

We are blessed to have an incredible family of past and present collaborators:

Performers and Devisors:

Ikuyo Conant

Julia Yevnine

Dorie Kinnear

Tomoko Komura

Bradley Wayne-Smith

Marc-Andre Charron

Daisuke Nomura

Nao Masuda

Pascal Sugg

Cat Gerrard

Julia Correa

Sabine Choucair

Orla Salinger

Jennifer Pearcy-Edwards

Audrey Albert

Yaron Shavit

John Kamau

Nabil Stuart

Gethin Alderman

Sany Baki

Taqi Nazeer

Natalie Fainstein

Yehuda Nahari

Gil Desiano

Will Pinchin

Jeni Draper

Naomi Botrill

Teele Uustani

Nicholas Anscombe

Frode Gjerløw

Lucy Bishop

Chris Yarnell

Tom Dawze

Bradley Thompson

Tom Stacy

Sam Fogell

Jack Veal

Jonathan Peck

Louise Lee

Yasmine Yagchi

Nina Cassels

Louise Beresford

Nisa Cole

Shala Nyx

Momin Switat

Ross Ali

Elliot Rodriguez

Kuhel Khalid

Abigail Coniah

Krystian Godlewski

Writers and Dramaturgs:

Julia Pascal

Erin Judge

Eve Leigh

Chris Thorpe

Anthony Anaxagorou,

Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

William Drew

Louisa Ashton

Designers and Media Artists:

Filipe Gomes


Zahra Mansouri

Urara Sakurai

Kirsten Fletcher

Lydia Crimp

Katherine Graham

Allan Ramsay

Dorie Kinner

Will Pinchin

Julia Yevnine

Katerina Damvoglou

Claire Lyth

Dasha Dydko

Roderick Orr-Ewing

Giorgio Ritucci

Daniel Moss

Laurence Webb

Amy Yardley

Otto Muller

Jamie Flockton

Peter Morton

Pablo Fernandez Baz

Frode Gjerløw

Emily Adamson

Olwen Morrey

Katie Farquhar

Helen Coyston

Ross Flight

Aaron Dootson

Olivia Altaras

Ruben Teodoro

George Tomlinson

Abd al Rehman Nori Slama

Sayed Habib Sadat

Abdulaziz Al-Hasan

Ross Kernahan

Arian Salih

Mazin Sherbayani

Idil Sukan

Rebecca Pitt

Lidia Crisafulli

Thousand Word Media

Nathan Chandler

Michael Wharley

Directors, Coaches & Facilitators:

Bert Roman

Ronin Traynor

Andrei Zayats

Tim Charrington

Louisa Ashton

Alex Brown

Sophie Besse

Ariane Zeytzeff

Elizabeth Spackman

Nandita Dinesh

Pacifique Ishimwe

Mike Ayvazian

Juan Ayala

Alfie Sowden

Chris Yarnell

Michelle Masden

Robyn Cain

Producers, Press, PSMs

Patrick Collier

Samuel Julyan

Tom Schrank

Nancy Poole

Ginette Goulston-Lincoln

Ciara Brennan

Natalie Allison

Ashley Davies

Chloé Nelkin Consulting

Hannah Tookey

Yukiko Kato

Ina Berggren

Crystal A. Burrell

Chris Montague

Daniel Hemming

Sam Orwyn

Anthony Hollis

Sam Dunstan

Rehearsal Consultants:

Dr. Vanessa Crawford

M. Turley

Sarah Macguire

Messe Leone

Matthew Midgley

Assaad Chaftari

Ziad Saab

Major Robert Campbell

Major Cormac Doyle