Ni Ibya Buri Wese

2009 – Kigali, Rwanda

Directing Team: Ailin Conant, Julia Yevnine, Ariane Zaytzeff
Devising Cast: Marceline Musabe, Didacienne Nibagwire, Valgas Gahizi, Jean Paul Uwayezu, Philemon Nizeyumuremyi, Augustin Niyomzima, Pierre Nishingikirijimana, Solange Ineza, Immaculee Kampogo, Nassim Umuraza, Yvonne Umuraza, Colette Mukatete Jackson Ndajambaje



We worked with Cie. Traversière and Never Again Rwanda’s theatre troupe One Family! in the creation of an original play to mark the 15th commemoration of the ’94 genocide, and to celebrate this year’s theme: “Keeping the memory alive and building the Nation.” Ni Ibya Buri Wese (“For Everyone”) was devised by the cast and follows the story of Gasimba, an adolescent coping with both a conflicted nation and family, who struggles to reconcile his parents’ histories and find his place in a sharply divided society.

Ni Ibya Buri Wese was created for the 2nd Annual NAR Theatre Festival and was performed at the Gisozi Memorial Center, “Cafe Torero, Le Maison des Jeunes, and Nyamirambo High School. Témoin concurrently worked with Never Again Rwanda to develop its Youth Theatre Program, creating a curriculum to equip young activists with theatre-making skills to engage audiences with their message of critical thought and peacebuilding. A feature-length documentary covering this work – Théâtre et Réconciliation : jeunes initiatives à Kigali (“Theatre in Kigali: Youth Initiatives”) – was produced and screened in France in 2010.

Produced by Cie. Traversière and delivered jointly by Témoin and Traversière with support from the Direction de la Jeunesse et des Sports – Haute Garonne, Brussels Airlines and the Ecole Normale Supérieure – Lyon.