2008 – Toulouse, France

Devising Cast:  Julia Yevnine, Pascal Sugg, Ailin Conant

“Lib-ratée • Egoité • Frontèrnité.”

What lurks hidden behind pretty Marianne, sacrScreen Shot 2015-08-19 at 20.20.44ed guardian of the sacred values of our sacred Republic of France? With a subversive and singular sense of humor, Témoin joins forces with Compagnie La Traversière to lift the veil of this ‘borderline’ society, by exploring its frontiers and inhabitants, who come from here, there, or somewhere else…

Borderline was developed in Toulouse while our artists concurrently volunteered with the CIMADE–an agency providing free legal advice to undocumented immigrants–and looks at immigration law and the plight of the “sans papiers” in this biting satire about French bureaucracy gone terribly wrong.

The show premiered on March 1st 2008 at La Glacière, and then ran at the Théâtre de la Violette in June.

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