A Palestinian woman takes a striking photograph of a boy. A journalist steals the image for an unrelated article. A blogger is moved to tears by the article and posts a tribute. An SEO specialist makes the blogger’s tribute go viral. Now all four are caught in a media storm, in a whirring story that moves from reality into dark fantasy as the algorithms spin to deliver ‘what people want’.

Welcome to the stimulating world of Feed, where emotions are the currency, and your passions and fantasies will be indulged… for a price.

After the sell-out success of The Marked, (“A rollercoaster ride” ★★★★★ – British Theatre Guide), and The Fantasist, (“Achingly beautiful…incredible stagework that will blow you away” – The Sunday Times), Témoin return, bringing their vibrant visual style to the world of clickbait culture, fake news and cyber gluttony.

Feed has been developed and researched with groups of young people through digital media workshops in partnership with Tactical Technology, The Lowry Contemporary Company, Stagedoor Learning, Roundhouse Young Poets, Ovalhouse Young Associates, and New Horizons.

Theatre Témoin in co-production with The Lowry and Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham and with support from Arts Council England and The Charles Irving Trust.

See FEED at Edfringe 2018: Pleasance King Dome Venue 23 1-27 August



Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Devising Cast: Jonathan Peck, Louise Lee, Nina Cassells, Yasmine Yagchi

Director: Ailin Conant

Creative Producer: Fiona Mason

Contributing Playwrights: Eve Leigh, Erin Judge

Consultant Dramaturg: Chris Thorpe

Movement Director: Dorie Kinnear

Set and Costume Design: Helen Coyston

Sound Design and Composition: Ross Flight

Lighting Design: Aaron Dootson

Production/Stage Manager: Ina Berggren

Assistant Director: Chris Yarnell

Media Consultant: Michelle Masden

Additional R&D Cast: Nisa Cole

Additional R&D Playwrights: Anthony Anaxagorou, Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

PR: Chloé Nelkin Consulting

Graphic Design: Rebecca Pitt



Claire Symonds, Paul Milton, Anthony Gray, Tactical Technology, The Lowry Contemporary Company, Stagedoor Learning, Roundhouse Young Poets, Ovalhouse Young Associates, and New Horizons.



(Photos: Nathan Chandler)


Press Quotes

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“Ingenious… unflinching… Prepare to be uncomfortable.” The Wee Review ★★★★
“…a witty script that lets loose some powerful punches along the way. Be prepared for the unexpected.” British Theatre Guide ★★★★
“An excellent show…creative, innovative, well-performed and directed, a complete show that entertains and informs!” FringeReview – Highly Recommended
“This extraordinary production melds expert sound with a nuanced and genuine storyline.” ~Emma Plotkin The Reviews Hub ★★★★½
“A compelling and timely play…a thought provoking and clever piece of theatre…” ~ Lisa Williams Mumble Theatre ★★★★
“Bizarre and discomforting yet hilarious. Feed will take you to places that make you lose all sense of reality.” ~ Louise Maloney VoiceMag ★★★★
“Theatre Temoin have certainly shown me not just one of the most interesting, beguiling and bizarre plays I’ve seen at the Fringe but it may actually be one of the best plays that I have ever seen in my life!” ~Markus Helbig Radio Summerhall


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Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback


“Sheer brilliance! I laughed i cried and every emotion in between! Shook me to my core…SEO terrifies me! Congrats to all involved…” ~CS

“Everyone at ‪#edfringe2018should go see the stunning ‪#FEED2018 by ‪@Theatre_Temoin It‘s enough to get anyone off their smartphone..” ~CD

“@Theatre_Temoin @ThePleasance Feed: great nasty funny show: algorithms capitalism “click-bait culture” (an expression I will now use a lot)” ~BE

“If in Edinburgh go see ‪#Feed2018 at the Pleasance Dome. Thought-provoking multi-media production on the power of social media. Loved it ‪#EdFringe” ~ JB

“Last show of this year’s ‪#edfringewas ‪#Feed2018; a dark production about viral content and targeted advertising. The intense pacing really mirrors the brain overload of social media  – v good.” ~G

“SHOW THE FOURTY FEED (‪@Theatre_Temoin) An intense hour about the dangers of online do gooding, actual trolls and geese. You make eye contact and next thing you know there is a weapon in your hand. ‪#edfringe2018” ~JT

“Our final show at ‪#EdFringethis year and it’s quite the dark, twisted tale of social media and the questions it poses. Comedic, dramatic and great pacing, I can definitely recommend ‪@Theatre_Temoinand their show ‪#Feed2018‪#IntoTheUnknown” ~NH

“My favorite shows of ‪#edfringe2018so far: ‪#SkinDeepand ‪#FEED. Conveniently located near each other and timed so you can easily do both the same day! ‪@LAMBCO_Prods‪@Theatre_Temoin” ~SB

“Kicked off our ‪#EdFringe2018with ‪@Theatre_Temoin’s outstanding performance of “Feed” ‪@ThePleasance. Truly intriguing play that exposes the self-serving and morally bankrupt nature of the internet. Highly recommended.” ~GS

“Brilliant work at ‪#edfringefrom ‪#theatretemoinsee ‪#FEED2018! Great cast, writing, design, direction. Top production!” ~DL

“Are we all part of the show now? ‪#FEED2018is darkly funny and very surreal. I loved every second. Thanks ‪@Theatre_Temoinfor a cracking ‪#edfringe2018show.” ~FN

“Thanks to ‪@Theatre_Temoinfor a brilliant show! You guys are amazingm ‪#FEED2018” ~RM

“Enjoyed the cautionary tale ‪#feed‪@Theatre_Temoindescend from viral shares and clickbait into lies and chaos through cool staging and cast! well worth a look!” ~GG

“Saw @Theatre_Temoinwith #feed. Gritty and hard hitting. #loveditSmiling emoji, question mark. #intotheunknown#edfringe” ~R

“Just saw Feed by@Theatre_Temoin- I recommend.” ~CB

“#FEED is a lot of fun. Calling it a ‘rollercoaster ride’ doesn’t even begin to describe the ride you’re in for with @Theatre_Temoin” ~SB

#Feed2018 by @Theatre_TemoinVirtual trolls, mutilation, truth, lies and Vloggers are brought to attention in this sinister piece looking at the darker side of social media & the distribution of info. A gr8 peice that has left an impact. Kinda want to get off social media now :(” ~SBD

“Latest #edfringerecommendation from Antigone na h’Éireann team: #FEEDfrom @Theatre_Temoin- relentless, wry, shocking, hilarious & so very timely “dissecting” social media. Saw it yesterday & fully recommend; it’s 2-4-1 today & tomorrow! 2pm Pleasance Dome. #IntoTheUnknown” ~AP

“‘Feed’ by ‪@Theatre_Temoinyesterday was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Joins ‪@UnpolishedLDNin the best things I’ve seen so far- both in the King Dome! Recommendation for the day (and the whole time it’s on) ‪#intotheunknown‪#EdFringe‪#FEED” ~JV

“#EdinburghFringe#feed go and see it, seriously thought provoking and funny!” ~CS

“Two huge thumbs up! Best exploration I’ve seen of the power dynamics around digital content & influence. Great portrayal of how agents behind the scenes – with their own agendas – tactically manipulate what we see, consume and believe. Disturbingly indistinguishable from reality.” ~JA

“Still reeling from ‪#feed2018by ‪@theatre_temoinwatch it if you’re ‪@edfringeand prepare to question your relationship with the internet ‪#online‪ #darkcomedy” ~LJO

“Just seen #feed2018by @Theatre_Temoincatch it @ThePleasance@edfringe” ~OS

“My recommendation for @edfringe- check out @Theatre_Temoin#Feed@ThePleasance” ~MM

“‪@Theatre_Temoin‪ hey guys! Loved Feed. Great work. :)” ~JA

“@Theatre_Temoin wild imagination from these guys. Rly impressive design @edfringe#theatre#EdFringe18” ~JA

“We just saw ‪#FEED2018by ‪@Theatre_Temoin- wonderfully bizarre take on how the internet absorbes and controls us!” ~EE

“Worried at all about current online culture? You should be. Edinburgh go see #Feed@edfringeby @Theatre_Temoin@2pmdaily. Still thinking about today’s incredible, clever, affecting show. A brilliant cast & as relevant a topic as you’ll find at #edfringe18” ~LM

“If you’re at the fringe, go and see Feed by ‪@Theatre_Temoinat the Pleasance King Dome. It’s about click bait, the attention economy and cyber gluttony. It will make you laugh reeeally hard, but then you’ll catch yourself and think “fuck. This is all true” Go!” ~JC

“‘Feed’ by @Theatre_Temoin yesterday was absolutely INCREDIBLE.” ~JWF

“@Theatre_Temoin #Feed what a show, incredible performances with a topic that will keep you thinking and talking. Not sure how it ends though, fainted with 15 minutes to go – if you go along be sure to tell me what happens! #edfringe” ~RM

Tour Dates

Feed Public Tour Dates

Information for Venues

Feed will be touring regionally in Spring 2019. Theatres and Arts Organisations wishing to be included in the tour should contact Fiona Mason  fiona@theatretemoin.com.