The Caravan

Témoin is collaborating with Beirut DC, Clown Me In, and Sawa for Development and Aid in delivering a year-long audio recording and street theatre project in Lebanon.

The Return Project

We spent 2011 and 2012 working with groups of ex-soldiers in Rwanda, Lebanon, Israel and Kashmir on a series of 4 creative projects around the theme of reintegration and the return to civilian life. During this process, British playwright Julia Pascal worked in parallel to incorporate the experiences into a dynamic piece of new writing, "Nineveh", which was developed for a 2013 production in the UK.

Ni Ibya Buri Wese

Témoin collaborates with Cie. Traversière and Never Again Rwanda's theatre troupe One Family! in the creation of an original play to mark the 15th commemoration of the '94 genocide, and to celebrate this year's theme: "Keeping the memory alive and building the Nation." Ni Ibya Buri Wese ("For Everyone") was devised by the cast and follows the story of Gasimba, an adolescent coping with both a conflicted nation and family, who struggles to reconcile his parents' histories and find his place in a sharply divided society.

The Meaning of Wife

Boston-area comedian Erin Judge (Comedy Central's Live at Gotham) teams up with Ailin Conant for this hilarious examination of contemporary marriage.


Borderline was developed in Toulouse while our artists concurrently volunteered with the CIMADE--an agency providing free legal advice to undocumented immigrants--and looks at immigration law and the plight of the "sans papiers" in this biting satire about French bureaucracy gone terribly wrong.